Configuration API

Baris Metin baris at
Sat May 1 17:48:02 EEST 2004

Tue, Apr 27, 2004 at 05:45:50PM -0300 , Avi Alkalay :
> Of course.
> What I mean was: Should this API/library be designed to be used also by
> non-desktop software (Apache, Samba, mount, pure glibc, modprobe, etc that
> WANTS to use it), or only for desktop apps?

I think we can't be sharp at this point, we can't just name a software
"a non-desktop software". Apache, Samba, or any other "server" software
are also what a desktop user needs.

As an example, a desktop user wants to share files with other users
nearby. What will he/she do? Use a web server/ftp/samba, or what?

In my opinion, a configuration system/API must be system wide. But I
don't think all software developers will accept a unique system/API
easyly. So maybe, regular configuration files can also be a backend?

Baris Metin

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