Clipboard management

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Thu May 6 16:07:00 EEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 15:36, Lubos Lunak wrote:

> > so you should simply apply good judgement and  reacquire the selection
> > ownership. I'd add that you should also reacquire the selection if
> > relevant metadata changes, e.g. the set of targets. This is necessary to
> > properly (de)sensitise "Paste" menu entries, for instance. Regarding the
> > timestamp/notification issue, XFIXES takes care of that.
>  No, it doesn't in this case (when trying to keep history or know the current 
> clipboard contents for any other reason). In all other cases that ICCCM 
> suggest would be sufficient, but not here. If you have text in OOo, and you 
> press LMB, and start moving, it acquires the selection immediatelly. Klipper 
> detects this (it polls the TIMESTAMP target right now, XFIXES wouldn't 
> actually change that much about it), and fetches the data. However, if 
> Klipper manages to do this while you're still doing the selectin in OOo, it 
> gets data before you release LMB. There's no notification at all after LMB is 
> released, so Klipper in fact doesn't have the current clipboard contents.

I'd suggest that this is simple a OOo bug; it can be fixed by fixing OOo
to reacquire the selection on button release without any new mechanism.
Adding a new mechanism that would also require code changes in OOo
wouldn't make things any easier.


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