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Thomas Leonard tal00r at
Wed May 12 17:22:15 EEST 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 03:51:40PM +0200, David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 May 2004 15:28, Thomas Leonard wrote:
> > The alternative is to make all the scripts inherit from both
> > application/executable and text/plain, rather than creating a new type.
> > Either way is fine by me.
> Oh the mime spec supports multiple inheritance? In KDE we stopped at
> single inheritance, it's somewhat simpler/faster....

When you make an extensible system, you can't really avoid it. It fits
quite well with the meaning of inheritance here, ie:

 A is a subclass of B
 any operation that is valid for B is valid for A

Even loops are technically allowed (the meaning being similar to aliases,
I suppose, except that it doesn't imply that one is out-of-date).

Loops with aliases are more of a problem, of course, but you generally
need some coordination between both parties to make an alias in the first
place (whereas anyone with knowledge of the formats can assert

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