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Daniel Taylor DanTaylor at
Sat May 22 18:03:37 EEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 10:05 -0400, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> Have you seen the list of icons I have started working on? It shouldn't
> be similar to the Icon Theme Spec, the icon naming standard should just
> be a subset of it.

First, sorry for the late reply, I've been gone for most of a week!
I'm afraid I have not seen that list, and having just recently
subscribed I can only get to that mail through the archives, which says
that part of the message was filtered out... Do you mind sending it to

> Which example for standard names are you referring to? I looked at the
> names xml in your CVS and only saw some KDE/Gnome icon names, and none
> that were marked "standard" or similar.

The 'standard' would be the names in the 'name' attribute of <icon> or
<directory> tags, and all <path> elements would specify alternate
programs like gtk, gnome, kde, xffm, etc...

> The "Icon Theme Spec" project, or the "svg-icons" project? There's no
> real need for a new list to discuss the issues with the Icon Theme
> naming schemes. There just needs to be list activity. I responded to a
> mail about standardizing icon names on April 30, with an attachment that
> contained about 300 icon names that could be standardized on. I've yet
> to see a reply to that list of icons.

I just thought it might be better not to clog the main list, but if you
think otherwise, that's fine by me :) I'd also love to see that mail, if
possible, and help out if I can.

> The real main issue with the current Icon Theme Spec is that it is
> geared entirely toward theming application icons in menus and such,
> rather than actually theming all of the icons that we theme. I also
> have some changes to the Icon Theme Spec to help with this, that I
> need to clean up and re-submit, as well as patches to the icon theme
> implementations in gtk+ and control-center for Gnome.

I don't really follow, but it sounds interesting.
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