Desktop Icon Theme Unification

Rodney Dawes dobey at
Fri May 14 17:05:13 EEST 2004

On Pre , 2004-05-14 at 11:17 +0200, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> The initial plan is to be able to take themes and convert them between
> the different desktops or programs, but we also want to help develop a
> specific naming standard that all such environments or programs could
> use, similar to the icon theme spec already hosted here, just more
> complete.

Have you seen the list of icons I have started working on? It shouldn't
be similar to the Icon Theme Spec, the icon naming standard should just
be a subset of it.

> Chromakode and I have been working on themeconvert and it is now
> functional enough to show what I'm talking about in action. It uses a
> simple XML 'database' of directory or icon names and translations that
> are used to convert the themes. Right now only a subset of the GNOME and
> KDE themes can be translated, but it shows that the xml database and
> themeconvert code is working properly. It is also possible to convert
> these themes to the 'standard' (it isn't the standard yet, just an
> example of what the standard names could be).

Which example for standard names are you referring to? I looked at the
names xml in your CVS and only saw some KDE/Gnome icon names, and none
that were marked "standard" or similar.

> I'd like to ask for a seperate mailing list so that the developers of
> the project and desktop/theme authors can easily communicate so that we
> can really get this project rolling. Is this possible?

The "Icon Theme Spec" project, or the "svg-icons" project? There's no
real need for a new list to discuss the issues with the Icon Theme
naming schemes. There just needs to be list activity. I responded to a
mail about standardizing icon names on April 30, with an attachment that
contained about 300 icon names that could be standardized on. I've yet
to see a reply to that list of icons.

The real main issue with the current Icon Theme Spec is that it is
geared entirely toward theming application icons in menus and such,
rather than actually theming all of the icons that we theme. I also
have some changes to the Icon Theme Spec to help with this, that I
need to clean up and re-submit, as well as patches to the icon theme
implementations in gtk+ and control-center for Gnome.

-- dobey

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