multiple mime-types for the same file?

gabor gabor at
Mon May 24 15:31:48 EEST 2004


i apologize if this question has been asked before, i wasn't able to
find it.

the actual problem:

let's have a python script: .
it's detected as application/x-python.
that's ok.

but . imagine i get a mail with the python file attached.

my mail client has a simple policy: text/* (and image/* maybe)
can be displayed in his internal viewer, the rest not.

so i cannot see my python file in the internal viewer....

because a python script is an application, not a text file ...

BUT it IS a text file..

(the same applies btw. to shell scripts)

i think the problem is now clear....


1. is it possible to assign more mime-types to the same file?
2. are the mime-prefixes (application,text,image) somehow described..
what they exactly mean?
3. if there's no way to have more mime-types for a given file... what
should  a program like the mailclient do? special-case all
known-that-it-is-a-text-file program files?


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