Client, how to?

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Tue Nov 2 18:29:07 EET 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 07:10 -0800, Roberto -MadBob- Guido wrote:
> Reading specs for XSETTINGS protocol ( here:
>  ) isn't so clear how the client have to comunicate with the manager
>  running in background. The only informations are about the way in
>  which datas can be passed (the protocol), but not how the client can
>  advance his requests to the manager.
> For example: how can the client ask for the path of backdrop, or the
>  number of workspaces? I suppose it have to use a particularry called
>  function, but what?

I'm not completely sure about what you are asking; but a couple of
possible answers :-)

- XSETTINGS is a read-only protocol. It's for the desktop to export it's
  configuration to applications. How the desktop maintains and stores
  it's configuration is outside the scope of XSETTINGS.

- XSETTINGS is a protocol, like the window manager protocols in
  the ICCCM. Not a library.

  There is a sample client implementation that can be found at and can be cut-and-pasted
  into your application. I'd advise getting it from CVS, there may
  be some fixes in there that aren't in version 0.2.

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