Trash spec: wrapping up

David Faure dfaure at
Sat Nov 6 01:08:46 EET 2004

On Sunday 31 October 2004 11:45, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> This field would be empty if the file trashing was "normal"? (i.e. from
> a file manager or file selection dialog). Then that sounds fine to me.
Yes, for instance. Or does it matter if the appname is set in all cases?
When showing the trash from the file manager or desktop, you don't query 
for an explicit appname, so you get all files in any case, whether the
trashed files from the filemanager have App=konqueror or App=nautilus.

> Perhaps is should be called TrashContext or something instead of
> Application though, because theoretically this type of special-casing of
> some forms of trashing might be used among a set of apps.
Yes - it becomes less clear what this is intended for though, but if
the spec gives "the application which deleted the file" as the main
example, OK.

> One could even have an extra field TrashContextInfo that is context-type
> specific origin data if the "original filename" part of the trashinfo
> file isn't enough for the app to restor the file to the right place in
> the database. E.g. In your example it could contain the album the
> trashed file was from (given that the file path doesn't contain that
> info). This would be a free form utf8-only string that the app could
> handle however it likes.
Why not. We can always add that to the spec.

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