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Fri Nov 19 11:18:58 EET 2004

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 October 2004 13:11, C. Gatzemeier wrote:
>>XDG_DATA_HOME defaulting to $HOME/.local/share raises another question.
>>What association does it have with local? It's user specific thus under
>>$HOME, the home dir seems to be often imported over the network rather than
> It's the user's equivalent of /usr/local
> Note that /usr is often imported over the network rather than local.

But it is designed in a way that /usr/local can be a local mount point
while /usr is mounted from a shared resource. I've also seen the
reverse: /usr (including /usr/local) is on a local disk, but several
other subdirectories of /usr are shared resources.

Providing such a location that can be local while the rest of $HOME is
shared is a valid need IMHO.

Ciao, Jörg

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