Joerg Barfurth jub at sun.com
Mon Nov 22 20:11:08 EET 2004

C. Gatzemeier schrieb:
> Am Friday 19 November 2004 10:18 schrieb Joerg Barfurth:

>>If you want to mount "your things" as a user, you would probably not
>>mount them to a hidden place - so no dot-director
> True, probably also for other places where I was writing dot-dirs. 
>>Here something like
>>/home/mnt would make more sense.
> Even if the user would want his things optionally in his $PATH? Thought of mnt 
> as a place to mount data.

Yes, I was thinking data. I don't see people carrying around software 
that much. But if they do, I find the idea of things automatically 
apearing in the $PATH when (user-)mounted slightly dangerous. If I mount 
stuff (semi-)manually, I know the location and can be bothered to 
explictly invoke something from there.

> Where you thinking AppDirs?

I don't really see the connection to AppDirs. How do they relate to it?

FWIW I think things have to be automagically available mainly for 
point-n-click users. There $PATH is not that relevant. But I do think 
these users can understand that their apps (or AppDirs) appear in the 
same place as their data when they mount them similarly.

Ciao, Joerg

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