I can't login to freedesktop.org via ssh, how should I do?

James Su suzhe at tsinghua.org.cn
Sun Nov 21 12:42:25 EET 2004

  So how can I get the SCIM svn repository? That command doesn't work at 

James Su

Daniel Stone wrote:

>On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 11:45 +0800, James Su wrote:
>>  I'm the maintainer of project SCIM. But I can't login to 
>>freedesktop.org via ssh since it was compromised. I'd like to check if 
>>SCIM's svn repository was compromised, but how could I do?
>It's kind of tricky.  We only have diffs of our CVS stuff, because I
>made a tarball back in October and copied it to another machine, which I
>know has not been compromised.  We don't have diffs of our svn
>repository to compare for 'before and after'.
>However, you can rsync over the SVN tree from fd.o:
>rsync -a gabe.freedesktop.org::svn-compromised .
>and check it out to see if your repository's changed.
>(PS: No, SSH logins are not ready for the general case yet.)
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