new Thumbnail Managing Standard proposal

Sven Neumann sven at
Wed Oct 6 17:22:32 EEST 2004


lists at (Olivier) writes:

> Attached is a new version of the Thumbnail Managing Standard. I've
> discussed this with Jens Finke, and we decided it is ready for
> comments, and perhaps publication.
> The major change is the addition of read-only 'local' thumbnail
> repositories. For example a CD with images can include the
> thumbnails for these images.

That's very much welcomed and just in time for GIMP 2.2.

> Please comment!
I am not 100% certain if I interpret this paragraph correctly:

   The filename of the thumbnail is the md5sum of the filename part of
   the URI. Because the URI is possibly not constant, only the
   filename part of the URI should be used, no directory parts.

So, let's say I have this CD in /cdrom and it has a folder called
"Pictures" that contains an image called "image001.jpg". The local
thumbnail would be searched in /cdrom/Pictures/.thumblocal then and I
should look for a thumbnail that matches the URI "file:image001.jpg"?
Is that correct?

I am also not sure if the spec is clear about what should be used for
"Thumb::URI" in the case of local thumbnails. That would probably also
be "file:image001.jpg" then, right?


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