Thumbnail Managing Standard

Sven Neumann sven at
Thu Oct 7 21:10:52 EEST 2004


Kent Tenney <ktenney at> writes:

> I'm new to the list, having just discovered the Thumbnail stuff.
>>From a previous post;
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> 'only the filename part should be used', so the md5sum of 'image001.jpg'
> .. Right
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> That won't work for me. I've rolled my counter several times, so I
> have duplicate file names;
> 2001-01-23/DSCN1234.jpg
> 2003-23-21/DSCN1234.jpg

We have been discussing the new addition to the spec which is about
local thumbnails. This means the thumbnails are for a single directory
only and you cannot have two files with the same name in the same

Perhaps you want to read the full spec first?


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