deleting thumbnails

Sven Neumann sven at
Mon Oct 11 12:03:15 EEST 2004


Jens Finke <jens at> writes:

>> If the user requests the thumbnail to be re-created, there is no
>> way for the program to find out why it has to re-create it. The
>> program should,
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> What does this mean? A program has all information at hand to decide
> if a thumbnail is valid or not and if it exists in the desired
> size. Or do I overlook a special case?

The user may request to have the thumbnail recreated even though the
thumbnail is valid and exists in the desired size. This may be
necessary if for example an application created a broken thumbnail.
This could have happened due to a broken image loader. If we don't
give the user a chance to recreate the thumbnail, there would be no
way to replace the broken thumbnail with a good one. That's why GIMP
allows the user to explicitely recreate a thumbnail even though it
appears to be uptodate.


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