Diagnosis tool [was: Re: Icon theme specification: Standardizing icon names]

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Mon Oct 11 21:23:17 EEST 2004

On Saturday 09 October 2004 21:50, Frans Englich wrote:
> *** Diagnosis tool for theme creators
> Ensuring that icon themes complies with the spec, isn't easy considering
> the size. A diagnosis/regression tool could help keeping an eye on
> compliance. KDE/GNOME would probably need it anyway. Implementation
> suggestion:
> A simple program in Python takes an icon theme name as argument, and
> produces an XML file containing information about what was found in the XDG
> path. It then calls xsltproc which with an XSLT compares it to what names
> that is allowed as according to the spec, and then produces an output file,
> which at a second stage is transformed to xhtml(content/style separation).
> How does the diagnosis tool know what names that are allowed? At build
> time, the icon names are with XIncludes extracted from the Docbook article
> to a data file, and then it is installed.
> The tool would report "The theme 'foo' conforms to theme spec 0.8"
> alternatively "... does not conform because: ...", where the error reported
> could be missing icons, and surely other things which can be reported; KDE
> have an ever ending problem of randomly missing sizes.

This is an important part of getting the specification adopted, and to make 
the life painless for theme creators. I got other things prioritized(in my 
voluntary time) and it will be _long_ before I pick it up. Is anyone 
interested? I think it is a simple program which is quickly written, and with 
a short stabilization period.



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