MIME types and icons

Eugene O'Connor Eugene.Oconnor at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 11 20:19:26 EEST 2004

Thanks Alex - can you tell me where the default icon is? Can't seem to
find it.

Also, can you explain how the magic priority works? Is there only one
magic element per MIME type, or can there be more than one. How is
precedence established among the magic elements?


Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 15:07 +0100, Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am writing a chapter for a system administration guide on MIME types
> > in GNOME. I'm trying to figure out how particular icons are associated
> > with particular MIME types. Can anyone help? The Shared MIME-info
> > Database doesn't seem to mention this.
> >
> > When it is completed, I will put the chapter back to GNOME CVS.
> >
> > Please cc me on any responses.
> At the moment there is no cross-desktop standard for this. Gnome does
> this for a file of mimetype "foo/bar" by first looking for a "gnome-
> mime-foo-bar" icon in the current theme (and inherited themes), if not
> found it then looks for "gnome-mime-foo". If that fails, the default
> icon is used.
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