fd.o HIG

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at yahoo.co.in
Mon Oct 18 04:37:07 EEST 2004


> I've often wondered if this one might actually be
> pretty simple in some cases 
> to do with just an environment variable or
> something.

I think its high time freedesktop.org had a common HIG
for gnome,kde and other DE's. It could reuse the best
high level non controversial stuff from the gnome hig,
kde style guidelines and others. the controversial
stuff can probably be explained as notes in the end
with the appropriate rationales.

we can promote this fd.o HIG as one to follow for all
apps regardless of the toolkit so things like gaim
wouldnt feel "alien" in kde and k3b would just fit in
with gnome

Rahul Sundaram

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