fd.o HIG

Daniel Taylor dantaylor at web.de
Wed Oct 20 02:00:31 EEST 2004

On Oct 17, 2004, at 21:37, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
>> I've often wondered if this one might actually be
>> pretty simple in some cases
>> to do with just an environment variable or
>> something.
> I think its high time freedesktop.org had a common HIG
> for gnome,kde and other DE's. It could reuse the best
> high level non controversial stuff from the gnome hig,
> kde style guidelines and others. the controversial
> stuff can probably be explained as notes in the end
> with the appropriate rationales.

I second this. ;-D

> we can promote this fd.o HIG as one to follow for all
> apps regardless of the toolkit so things like gaim
> wouldnt feel "alien" in kde and k3b would just fit in
> with gnome

This is a good idea, but I do see that a lot of arguments are going to 
happen. Do you think we will be able to settle in on one idea?
Daniel G. Taylor

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