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Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at yahoo.co.in
Fri Oct 22 00:36:31 EEST 2004


> And why the hell not? They are desktop environments
> as well? (GNUstep is 
> arguably not) Or have you taken to issuing fatwas on
> what does and does 
> not constititute a desktop environment? GNUstep does
> have a HIG spec, we 
> use NeXT's HIG because it's sane.

I dont want to split hairs over what constitues a DE.
I believe gnustep does qualify.

I am starting out with kde and gnome because I want to
start somewhere and I have already read the gnome and
kde design documents and like to base my intial
efforts on that.Consider it a personal
limitation.However I said in the other parts of my
mail I would certainly welcome any other developers or
volunteers participating in this discussion.

Since you responded I hope you would be interested in
this. If so it would be helpful if you could point out
the relevant links.

Rahul Sundaram

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