Home directories.

oliver oliver at are-b.org
Mon Oct 25 18:54:14 EEST 2004

Browsing through XFce's changesets I noticed they decided to use .config
for user based config files. They got that idea from the xdg.

I was browsing through the mailling list archive and never saw any
mention nor discussion that lead to this descision. Now I do strongly
agree with such dir. However I would recommend changing it now, before
it's widespread.
Agreed .config for such file is a good and sensible name. However I
belive it would be better to go with the default linux naming scheme and
thus go for .etc instead. All of linux's config files etc are in the,
/etc. Thus not only config files could be in .etc, but themes for
instance or backgrounds (thinking at .enlightenment/themes
.enlightenment/backgrounds or gtk's .theme dir)

Any thoughts?

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