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oliver oliver at are-b.org
Tue Oct 26 00:09:37 EEST 2004

I'd say go for it and update the doc. Let's be the first to go with a 
.etc scheme right here. Someone has to start for others to follow, and 
xfce seems to be wise enough to do so.
But then again, who am I? Who else can I brainwash : )

Navindra Umanee wrote:

>oliver <oliver at are-b.org> wrote:
>>well if you think only xdg should keep it's stuff in here, then it 
>>should become $HOME/.etc/config
>>but then, i'd recommend .etc/xdg or similar. if it's ONLY for xdg.
>As a bonus, .etc/xdg and .etc/xfce4 would then be consistent with
>/etc/*.  Claiming .config at the toplevel to be xdg-only does seem to
>be a mistake namespace-wise -- even .xdg/*/ would probably be better
>than that.
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