KWIG Qt->Gtk porting layer and merging main loops.

nf nf2 at
Wed Oct 27 19:57:21 EEST 2004

Sorry to bug you again, but i can't get this out of my mind:

If we had a common main loop for both QT and GTK: Would it then be
possible to link libraries from both frameworks together (in-process)?
For instance writing a KIO wrapper for gnome-vfs...

I have seen that Ken Deeter proposed a "freedesktop threading and
signal/slot library" in the discussion about a "common VFS" last year.

Is it really necessary to unify threads&signal&slot-handling, or would
it suffice to have a common main loop, alternating between QT and Glib
signal processing?

The reason why i bring up this question is that i read about the
recently released "Gtk-Webcore"-project to port KHTML to GTK+. I think
it implements QT-Signals on top of the Glib event loop.

KWIQ Qt adaptation layer:

I'm just curious. Don't you think that such a "common main loop" would
help to avoid lots of code duplication and improve (free)desktop
interoperability? Maybe a little expert discussion could inspire someone
to play with this...



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