Trash spec: wrapping up

Mikhail Ramendik mr at
Sun Oct 31 13:00:16 EET 2004

Alexander Larsson wrote:

> This field would be empty if the file trashing was "normal"? (i.e. from
> a file manager or file selection dialog). Then that sounds fine to me.
> Perhaps is should be called TrashContext or something instead of
> Application though, because theoretically this type of special-casing of
> some forms of trashing might be used among a set of apps.

Namespace issues can arise here. I.e. two apps independently decide to
use the same TrashContext values for incompatible means. Perhaps we can
offer a "prefux" system, so that KDE and Gnome contxts start with KDE_
and GNOME_ respectively, and any FooApp woule be encouraged to start its
context with FooApp_ ?

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

P.S. Which KDE will be the first to have an implementation of this spec?

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