KWIG Qt->Gtk porting layer and merging main loops.

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Oct 31 12:09:17 EET 2004

On Saturday 30 October 2004 16:25, nf wrote:
> I think one decision which could really boost desktop and application
> integration is about the common main loop. It would help all desktop

I think this will practically be impossible, I'm sure Trolltech won't switch 
their event loop to something else "just" to be in some way more compatible 
with Gtk apps.

> we'll sure get another flame war. That's why i came up with the proposal
> for glib (or parts of it) to become a fd.o "commodity".

Maybe glib was a bad example. Most of the things in glib come for free for 
every C++ developer (STL, Qt).

> The reason why i think that this common standard library issue is
> important, is that writing specs is just not enough for lots of things.
> Integration has to be pushed to a higher level to make the free desktop
> "just work". A common VFS for instance needs a high performance
> "service" style system, which means you need common code not specs. And
> someone already said that DBUS does not fit for this purpose.


> An i think it would be no problem at all to write C-wrappers for
> Qt-based C++ libraries. Like plugging KIO slaves into a common VFS.
> A license change of QtCore would probably help a bit. So please
> Trolltech change the License of QtCore to LGPL. That would really help
> to get it more widely accepted. And you can keep GPL for the rest of Qt.
> I have no problem with that.

Yes, yes, yes !!

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