Trash specification, version 0.1

mr at mr at
Thu Sep 2 12:52:16 EEST 2004


>> Yes. One less file-type parser in the desktop is good. One less place to
>> define escaping rules etc. I'm totally for this.
> Great. Let's add a Type=TrashInfo, so that other tools that
> recognize the above as a desktop file don't mishandle it.

OK. I have found the spec for desktop entries, and will
duly reference it from the spec.

>> I like the YYYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss approach. I'm not sure about the
>> timezone though. mtimes on e.g. nfs filesystems are of the local time of
>> the system that has the nfs server. Doing something different for the
>> trash time than mtime strikes me as a bit odd.
> OK, let's use a datetime without timezone then, just like the system
> mtime.

I respectfully disagree.

Network resources can be globally shared, and local time zones may be
different. For file systems this is not so relevant, as mtimes will be set
by the file system on the server, using the server's time zone. But
tracshing is generally done by the client.

> Good, I think we settled the info file format and the other-partitions
> issues then.

I have somewhat lost track of th eother-partitions issue. Is the consensus
on administrator-created $topdir/.Trash , and $uid directories within it?

As soon as I understand these things I'll try to make version 0.3 of the
Trash specification.

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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