Trash spec 0.3 ; Samba/CIFS shares?

Lars Hallberg spam at
Fri Sep 10 04:31:28 EEST 2004

David Faure wrote:

>>This also makes some winbind situations unusable, 
>>where the UID may (will) change between systems, but this is mapped out
>>properly on the other end.
>I googled around and I learned that you can indeed map UIDs when mounting an
>NFS share. OK, but what guarantee is there that the mapped uids have the same
>username on each end?
>IMHO with network shares we can't get it right in all cases anyway...
This might make it work in most case:

If .Trash/$uid/ and .Trash_$uid dont exist or is not owned by You, check 
alla .Trash/*/ and .Trash_$uid if You own any, then use that (possably 
renaming it if possably).

This will also help if a sysadm change users uids and run a script to 
corect the ownership off all files (to synk userdatabases betwen 
machines or whatewer).


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