Repost: Icon Names Standard

Томислав Марковски tome at
Fri Sep 10 10:22:16 EEST 2004


I posted yesterday one message, but I didn't recieved the message, so I  
figured somethings went wrong and I'm reposting it.
I asked if there were any _well_ documented standards for icon naming in  
GNOME and KDE. I need this specs for an application I'm developing that  
builds icon themes. Currently, I've gathered the icon names from existing  
themes, but there are so many differences from theme to theme (ex. some  
apps on different distros use different icons, like firefox or  
Also the stock icons behave somewhat peculiar. I noticed this: when I put  
gtk-go-forward/back icon in a stock folder, the icons don't seem to be  
used, however gtk-go-up/down are used. Why is this (stock icons are not  
replaced by the current gtk theme)?
Has anyone looked into this issue? What sources can I use to at least come  
to some solid documents? I've found some unofficial documents/tutorials,  
but all of them are far from complete.
How/where does a theme look for an icon of a specific application? Why  
isn't always the binary file name used as icon name (ex.  
gnome-panel-screenshot uses gnome-screenshot icon).

Thank you all in advance.


P.S. If anyone is interested, the program is called GNOME Iconset Builder.  
Initially supported GNOME, but KDE support is on its way, at least when I  
find some solid info to unite them. It's written for Mono/Gtk#.

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