Icon Names Standard... I'm being desperate on this

Томислав Томислав
Fri Sep 10 01:55:02 EEST 2004

Hello list,

I figured this is the right place to ask. I've searched through the
archives, but I found nothing precise. This is my question:
Is there any document that fully explains the icon name standards
currently used by GNOME or KDE?
I'm working on an application for building icon themes and this is my
biggest problem. I use icon names from various themes, but many themes
cary out different names, and it's giving me hard time. I'm also having
a hard time with the stock icon names.
One thing I found very weird. Why isn't "gtk-go-forward/back" used by
the theme, but all other stock icons are (the gtk theme does not replace
the stock icons)?
Why some application use different icon names on different distributions
(ex. firefox or firefox-icon)?
Thank you.


P.S. The application is called GIB (GNOME Iconset Builder) written for
Mono/Gtk#. Initally written for GNOME themes, but a KDE support is on
its way.

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