Introduction and toolkit abstraction

Martijn Dekkers martijn.dekkers at
Tue Sep 14 23:35:24 EEST 2004

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> > Nobody is putting even an ounce of actual thought into this cross-
> > toolkit nonsense, and just spouting off some lofty abstract ideas based
> > on very little fact or experience.
> Come on.
> Doing some work so that the different apps could have e.g. common dialogs is a
> worthy goal. With supporting the file dialog and the printing dialog a lot
> would already be achieved.

Sorry, but I disagree.  While I see your goal, and agree that it would
be neat, the work required to pull it off in a consistent fashion is
is simply staggering - to do it right, as opposed to provide an ugly
hack, you would have to provide an abstraction/virtualisation
interface for every application. why would developers be motivated to
do that? why would they have to settle for the lowest common
denominators? I applaud the idea of better interaction between the two
environments, but you can take it too far... I prefer to see
initiatives like the current buzz around having a Mozilla Kpart in
konqueror - something i will definately use for my customers once it
is available.


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