Introduction and toolkit abstraction

Luca Cappelletti luca.cappelletti at
Fri Sep 17 16:58:48 EEST 2004

Tim Ringenbach wrote:


> The real solution is for to keep doing what it does. Standardize more things where needed so everyone's interopable. If you want toolkits to work the same, first work on standardizing themeing. 

Totally agree with you.
I think that what the has to do is to build the common
rules that everyone should follow.
Just rules, standards and protocols.
You can left the implementation place in the hand to who need use it's
own framework (GTK, QT and so on).
Everythink could become something closed to a XML,RDF world where
different API's could handle using the same rules.This is standard.

> Then extend it until via this new standardize themeing that gtk's file dialog can look the same as qt, and vise versa, and since  you already standardize themeing, it's "does" instead of "can". Once that's done you can work on other things, like giving gnome the ability to use kio slaves, etc. Some of these will be easier than others obviously.

The great added value of is the capability to enclose
into it's environment the need of a common standard to easyer the
sharing of objects and resource.
This could be done making central protocols as we just know.
This protocolos must be written using super meta languages like XML.


> I, of course, am not going to code all of this. Or any of it. I just like telling people what to do. Especially when they're doing things wrong.

Yeah! Me too in this case.

> --Tim


Luca Cappelletti

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