User Installed Icon/Themes

Curtis L. Knight knighcl at
Fri Sep 17 04:44:01 EEST 2004

Hello All,

I am trying to get clarification on where user installed icons are to be 
placed based on the Desktop Base Directory specification and the Icon 
Theme specification with XDG_* environment variables present.

The directories are searched in at least this order from the Icon Theme 

The Icon Theme specification states that icons for KDE/GNOME menus 
should be installed into $prefix/share/icons.

There is no overlap between what icons are available to the user 
(searched) and what directories the user can write to (install). 
Currently, $XDG_DATA_HOME is not included in the search directories 
described within the Icon Theme specification. Even if $prefix happens 
to be equal to $XDG_DATA_HOME, what should the icon directory be .icon 
or icon or Icon.

Should $XDG_DATA_HOME/Icons be included near the top of the defined 
search directories to find user installed icon/themes? Are we 
capitalizing the first character of directories within the 
$XDG_DATA_HOME directory?


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