Desktop Notifications Spec 0.3

Lars Hallberg spam at
Thu Sep 23 19:47:00 EEST 2004

Christian Hammond wrote:

>So perhaps we can reach a compromise. If you want sound playback, the
>server should implement it, and it should not be in the spec. If you
>want your apps to play a custom sound, we'll set up a sound-file hint
>that the server can optionally support.
I see a nightmare in this!

If the notification service may play or may not play sound depending on 
implementation, apps have to guess if the implementation play sound or 
not, and from that deside if they shuld play sound themself or not. Then 
some stuff works togheter, some need tveking and some just wont work! 
The old X mess we all try to get away from :-(

At least take in the spec a way for apps to ask the notifikation service 
if it take responsability for sound or not!


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