Keith Packard keithp at
Thu Sep 23 00:09:52 EEST 2004

Around 22 o'clock on Sep 22, Roland Mainz wrote:

> This will likely require at least to depreciate some libX11 API, add new
> ones which accept UTF-8 and a bump of the major shared library version
> number of libX11... ;-(

No.  Nothing needs to change in libX11 -- the EWMH are well supported in 
existing toolkits and window managers.  If you like, we could create a 
separate EWMH helper library, but even that isn't strictly necessary.  The 
existing Xlib helper APIs are only complicated because of the need to 
support COMPOUND_TEXT...

Adopting EWMH is a simple matter of rubber stamping an existing widely 
deployed standard, no software need be harmed in the process.


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