Fwd: Re: tigert's mockups and HTML

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo at gnome-db.org
Sat Sep 25 14:10:18 EEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 16:41 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Guys, we're popping up simple notifications that won't be on the
> screen long. We don't want this much pain and hassle for it. More
> advanced stuff should be done in other ways.
> We're going way overboard. We can make notifications look sexy and
> stuff without shoving all this crap into a notification and requiring
> transformations and such.
right, indeed, we can do great presentations without even sending
HTML/XML at all, just using a simple markup language for marking content
is enough. Then implementations of the actual notification displaying
can convert that to the most sexiest HTML or whatever. And this will
give us tigert's mockups if we decide so, but the notifications spec
should just, IMO, define the most simplest way to pass the data from one
place to the other, totally independent of the presentation.

With that basic spec, a GNOME notification applet can just use XSL or
whatever to convert that basic markup to HTML or whatever and have a
presentation as pretty as tigert's mockups.
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo at gnome-db.org>

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