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Franco Catrin L. fcatrin at tuxpan.com
Sat Sep 25 19:35:01 EEST 2004

El vie, 24-09-2004 a las 19:41, Christian Hammond escribió:

> > Please don't put HTML on the notification.  Let the content be provided
> > by the client and the notification be rendered by the notification
> > applet (or other implementation)
> I don't want HTML in there either. Simple content-related markup tags,
> sure.

Ok, that's enough.  I forgot why I started this thing about XSL. My main
concern was about to put HTML inside notifications, that would enforce a
specific presentation ruled by the client application which is very bad
for all the reason discussed here.

If the notification spec has only the basic markup written here[1], the
implementation can do a good transformation if it wants to. That's the
final goal of what I was saying about XML/XSL.  The idea produced a lot
of noise, a lot of things were misundertood (like changing dbus or
adding themes to the spec!!)

For future changes on the spec, adding other tags like size or position,
or adding an "HTML" hint will just throw away any possible
post-transformation. Please don't do it

[1] http://galago.sourceforge.net/notification-spec/0.3/x121.html

Franco Catrin L.
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