Desktop Notifications Spec 0.4

Lars Hallberg spam at
Thu Sep 30 21:45:15 EEST 2004

Christian Hammond wrote:

>Hey everyone.
>The Desktop Notifications spec 0.4 is out, and available at:
>It's a slightly different URL, so update your bookmarks, if you have
>any set.
>The major changes include:
> * Added <img/> support in the body (with size requirements and such).
> * Made restrictions on markup very clear.
> * Removed the High urgency, leaving just Low, Normal, and Critical.
> * Added new notification types.
> * Added an expires field to the D-BUS message.
> * Moved from an expiration timestamp to a timeout.
>I think those are the main changes.
>And no, sound and XML were not included in this release ;)
I think it *relay* shuld, and sugest this adition to the *"Server 

"sound": The server play sounds for notifikations. If this is true the 
clients shuld newer play sound for notifikations! This does not mean the 
server have to obey sound hints, but it may.

Ratonal: It is realy silly if apps have to guess depending on 
implementation of the notifikation server whether they should play sound 
them self or not. Have to configure this in every client is also a pain. 
When it simply can be automaticly determed thru the "**Server Capabilities"!

Posably a boolean "supress-sound" may be added to messages for 
aplikations that *want* to play the sound themself. But I'm not sure 
that this flexability to overide any futer sound them is a pro or a con :-/


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