Icon Name Standardization, second draft

Guillaume Desnoix guillaume at desnoix.com
Mon Apr 4 18:34:33 EEST 2005

Prelude: As a personal opinion, I found the specs of freedeskop.org too 
complex for what they do. In the (free) Java world, we prefer to keep 
things simple ;)

> An alias/pseudo mechanism is the current idea to solve this.

Using such a mechanism will add a small bit of flexibility and a large 
amount of complexity. This will require maintaining a file with all the 
aliases (probably one by icon set), more code (to deal with them) and 
more resources.

> It will achieve 
> what you want, but better, because it doesn't require a certain naming 
> pattern.

The spec already defines a certain naming. I just suggest to order the 
elements of the name, the most general first. For example, considering 
'network-internet-search' 'network-search' 'mail-search', I find it 
reasonable to assume a 'search' operation. By renaming these entries as
'search-network', 'search-network-internet', 'search-mail', an icon set 
is free to provide only one icon (search) or more. And an application 
can ask for 'search-network-company' and receive an appropriate icon 
like 'search-network' or 'search' if 'search-network-company' is 
missing. (With the current spec, the application would get nothing, 
resulting in a visual bug or worse if the developper didn't take care).

In all cases, keep on the good work.
Regards, Guillaume

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