Icon Name Standardization, second draft

Andrew Conkling andrewski at fr.st
Tue Apr 5 06:58:59 EEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 13:11 +0000, Frans Englich wrote:
> On Monday 04 April 2005 13:18, Guillaume Desnoix wrote:
> > Instead, an icon search should start with the full name and
> > progressively remove the most right part. Consider these names:
> >    left-align-image
> >    left-align-text
> >    left-align-table
> >    left-align
> >    left-arrow
> >    left
> > A minimal theme needs to provide only one icon. A bit bigger one will
> > provide two (left,left-align) or three (left,left-align,left-arrow). A
> > full theme will provide all the icons (but only four icons will be used).
> An alias/pseudo mechanism is the current idea to solve this. It will achieve 
> what you want, but better, because it doesn't require a certain naming 
> pattern.

Frans et al,
Even if we don't use such a fall-through-to mechanism, we could at least
name them that way in the list to add a semblance of order to what will
potentially be quite long. O_o


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