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Thu Apr 7 18:13:48 EEST 2005

Havoc Pennington <hp at> wrote on 04/07/2005 10:18:23 AM:
> Previously I have posted:
> which are some changes to make to gconf, with three of those changes
> prioritized as more important vs. the others.

In these plans the client library is both a thin convenience layer over 
the D-BUS interface and responsible for loading/enforcing the schemas.  If 
I have this right, there are two client layers: raw configuration DBUS 
service, and validated configuration from a schema library.  Should these 
two layers be considered in separate specs?

My interest in a configuration system is to provide desktop integration 
for Java applications.  The desires are:
- Minimal amount of shared libraries in the client process.
- Single api for all ui desktops.

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