Subject: Common icontheme shared between KDE and Gnome ...

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Sat Apr 9 01:44:48 EEST 2005

On Friday 08 April 2005 19:32, tackat at wrote:
> The latter is a branding
> manual which defines our visual identity along with our icontheme. With
> regard to this we aren't in any way different from distributions which
> tend to create an own icontheme for the reason of added value and
> branding (Redhat: bluecurve, Linspire: e-clear, e.g.).

Although I understand the motivation why everyone wants to have his own colors 
I don't think it's really helping the big picture. If an ISV wants to fit in 
with the Linux desktop he needs to ship his application with 5 sets of icons: 
one for Redhat, one for Novell, one for Linspire, one for KDE and one for 
Gnome... how stupid is that? The reality will be that an ISV just ignores 
these supposed corporate standards and ships icons that match his own 
corporate style guide so that end users end up with a desktop that has no 
visual consistency at all.

Of course it makes no sense to work out a common icon style by gnome and kde 
if Redhat and Novell are going to replace it with their own icon sets anyway.

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