Subject: Common icontheme shared between KDE and Gnome ...

Andrew Conkling andrewski at
Sat Apr 9 03:01:51 EEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 19:32 +0200, tackat at wrote:
> ... or why KDE didn't submit CRYSTAL-SVG as a common
> freedesktop-icontheme shared between KDE and Gnome ((yet ;-)).
> With all the great progress on a common icontheme (naming) standard I'd
> like to raise attention to the topic of a common icontheme shared
> between all major desktop environments: As CrystalSVG has been widely
> successful among KDE as well as Gnome users it would have been an
> obvious choice for a common icontheme. Still we resisted from suggesting
> it as we prefer KDE to be branded with its own icontheme for the
> following reasons:

I'm not exactly sure where KDE themes end and Crystal-SVG begins, but I
think the point of the spec is so that if a Gnome user wants to use
Crystal (or any other theme), no work must be done.

Go ahead and make Crystal-SVG the default for KDE, sure, but
(eventually) please make it fit the spec so it's not limited to use in
KDE.  I work with an icon theme that brands many of its icons with the
Gentoo Linux logo and while I think it's a great theme, I can't expect
other distros' users to use it....  To me, such a designed constraint on
the Crystal theme would just dampen its ability to reach many people
(and not just KDE/Gnome/etc. users).

Andrew Conkling

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