Independence of widget/GTK and icon themes

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Sat Apr 9 06:23:07 EEST 2005

> *- By widget theme, I only mean GTK, as that is all with which I have
> theming experience.  If KDE themes are already completely independent,
> more power to the devs.

KDE does already have completely independent themes since years. 
As soon as you realize that: 

* in KDE different iconthemes and widgetstyles are usually shared by
Metathemes already,
* only in very rare cases a complete Metatheme of wm-, widget- and 
icontheme exists -- most KDE iconthemes aren't even accompanied by a
specific other wm/widgettheme.
* Having different Metathemes sharing the same iconset either means
copying/symlinking the whole iconset or having weird
cross-dependencies with possible breakage of installed metathemes if a
branch is removed. - or having inheritances added that would probably
not apply to certain kinds of themes.

... you might find out why Rodney Dawes' proposal for the "Icon Theme
Spec fix" wrt the /icons/$themename -> themes/$themename/icons -change
creates a lot of "disadvantages" at the expense of breaking forward
compatibility. As long as these issues aren't sorted out I object to
this "fix".

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