Subject: Common icontheme shared between KDE and Gnome ...

Andrew Conkling andrewski at
Sat Apr 9 06:27:46 EEST 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 04:37 +0200, tackat at wrote:
> You didn't read my mail properly and therefore you didn't get my point
> at all :-) 
> I am of course aware of the fact that the current icontheme spec allows
> for a consistent icontheme shared between the desktop. And with the
> example of CrystalSVG we already have an icontheme which covers Gnome as
> well as  KDE almost completely. And I'd like to see even more such
> themes which can be used and shared by both desktops to make users of
> both desktops happy.
> The point I was talking about is that I don't see KDE accepting a common
> shared _default_ theme anytime soon.

OK, I understand you now.  Sorry for the confusion. :)

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