An analysis about a generic desktop application configuration management system

P. Kaluza p.kaluza at
Tue Apr 12 04:16:04 EEST 2005

Patrick Patterson wrote:

>On Monday 11 April 2005 20:42, P. Kaluza wrote:
>>So i _suggest_ (as others have before me) to adopt DBUS as the protocol
>>for all client<->first-tier-server. 
>Why bother at this point? Let's do like every other standards body before us, 
>and define what the protocol looks like, and ignore the transport of that 
>protocol - it may be that D-BUS is the right way to go, but there could be an 
>argument made for DCOP, and straight up Unix Domain Sockets.
Well, the idea basically was to know if protocoll ideas should be 
proposed and discussed in the form of function calls or of ASCII command 
strings (think IMAP). Although, now that i think about it, it would be 
possible to converse between the two. A bit non-trivial when it comes to 
async calls, though. :-)

I'd say let's assume we'll use some kind of RPC and discuss the ideas in 
function form for a start.


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