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Mon Apr 18 19:59:51 EEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 17:00 +0100, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> Christian Neumair wrote:
> > I've recently decided to implement a D-Bus-powered bookmarks system,
> > which aims to provide categorized file and web bookmarks.
> > 
>   Whilst not wishing to put you off implementing this, I was kinda 
> hoping something like DConf will do away with propriety storage (dot 
> files, xml files and all the other crap freedesktop currently uses). Is 
> there a reason DConf could not handle the bookmarks?
> (of course Dconf is vapour ware, might not be ready for months or years 
> and might not even succeed so dont let that stop you!)

Agreed bookmarks are very close to configuration data (preferences), in
fact they are application-data. That's because they are created because
of interaction with the user.

Preferences are more static: The user sets them, and then works with the
application that will play by the rules it can read from these settings.

So it's not a valid use-case to add bookmarks to the configuration data.

At this moment one of the few applications that shares application data
across different desktop applications is the Evolution data server
(eds). It's main purpose is to share contacts and calendaring

It would be a very good idea to create a generic shareable application-
data access system. 

Some use-cases to start with:

	o. Bookmarks
		o. Browser/WebSurfing bookmarks
		o. Filemanager bookmarks
			o. My Documents
			o. My Photos
			o. Etcetera

	o. Contacts
		o. Instant Messaging Contacts

	o. Calendar
		o. Agenda

I'm not sure this belongs to D-Conf. However. It can be integrated with
D-Conf. Provided the use-cases of D-Conf will be extended. So more
analysis, more code, more ... 

Also don't forget not all platforms want such a rich configuration
and/or app-data-access system (mobile devices, etcetera).

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