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Tommi Komulainen tommi.komulainen at
Tue Apr 19 20:16:37 EEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 17:47 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> I've recently decided to implement a D-Bus-powered bookmarks system,
> which aims to provide categorized file and web bookmarks.
> Some ideas on the abstraction layer from the top of my head;
> I'd like to figure out whether this sounds useful and is able to replace
> existing solutions.

Funny you should start designing something aiming to replace the
existing bookmarks system in Galeon/Epiphany/Mozilla/Konqueror/etc.
without inviting the developers of the said projects in the

Also I can't help but get the feeling there's some level of "If you only
have D-Bus" syndrome here.  While there's probably nothing wrong with
it, I would've considered RESTful HTTP approach first.  Simple roaming
and all.

Anyway, it would help to write down requirements first, at least for me
it's unclear what's the scope of the problem you're intending to solve.
For example extensibility seems to be completely left out, and in my
experience that's one thing that's hard to fix afterwards.

While XBEL did think of extensibility IMHO there are few issues that
went wrong.  First is that you're practically forced to handle the
bookmarks as a DOM tree, otherwise you risk throwing out all metadata
you don't recognize, but someone else might.  Another one is that too
little stress was put on the semantics of the extensions, it's rather
focused on applications.  I guess one could use Dublin Core as the
metadata "owner" but then I start thinking why not simply use RDF all
the way...

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a unified set of bookmarks for
browsers (I'd also like cookies, authentication data, cache and history
shared, but that's another story) but the way this issue is approached
just feels wrong.

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