Autostart a c program

Avik Ghsoh Avik.Ghosh at
Fri Dec 2 10:17:20 EET 2005

 I have written a UDP Client program in 'C' which will in the target
Linux system. Now I want that particular UDP server to be automatically
started whenever the target system is booted/rebooted and then start to
receive data from UDP client which is running at another machine.
 I have written a bash script but the problem is whenever the target
system is booted, at the boot time I am getting a message which
indicates that the UDP server program is stated but then the other
messages like "Starting sendmail    [OK]"etc is comiing up and thus my
UDP server program is becoming unusable.

 I shall be highly grateful to you all if you kindly put forward your
helping hand so that I can solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards,
Avik Ghosh 

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