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Christian Neumair chris at
Fri Dec 2 13:53:50 EET 2005

On Fr, 2005-12-02 at 13:47 +0530, Avik Ghsoh wrote:
> I have written a UDP Client program in 'C' which will in the target
> Linux system. Now I want that particular UDP server to be
> automatically started whenever the target system is booted/rebooted
> and then start to receive data from UDP client which is running at
> another machine.
> I have written a bash script but the problem is whenever the target
> system is booted, at the boot time I am getting a message which
> indicates that the UDP server program is stated but then the other
> messages like "Starting sendmail    [OK]"etc is comiing up and thus my
> UDP server program is becoming unusable.

This is not quiet the right mailing list for this issue, since we're
dealing ith UNIX desktop collaboration and interoperability.

However, I'd suggest you to not mess around with networking itself.
Instead, use netcat, and a construct like [1] which pipes your app's
stdin/out to a UDP port.

Good luck.


Christian Neumair <chris at>
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