Icon Naming Spec: "go-*" icons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Dec 11 06:09:22 EET 2005

The Icon Naming Spec lists four left and right arrows:


I question whether "go-previous" and "go-next" are the correct names for 
these two icons.  In KDE, they are called: "back" and "forward" so using 
this, the standard would use the names: "go-back" and "go-forward". 
Perhaps there are better names which would be more appropriate 
considering RTL and LTR text, but the point is that the names: 
"go-previous" and "go-next" are needed for other icons, at least that is 
the current usage in KDE.

The reason for this is that there need to be SIX icons here.  I attach a 
screen shot of a portion of my Toolbar on KPDF.

In KDE, these six icons are called (LTR):


It doesn't make a great deal of difference what the names are but there 
do need to be the two additional icons which in KDE are called: 
"previous" and "next" so it doesn't appear to be a good idea to have 
these names refer to different icons in the Spec unless they are 
commonly used for these icons in other desktops.

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