Icon Naming Spec: "go-*" icons

David Vignoni david at oxygen-icons.org
Mon Dec 12 10:53:13 EET 2005

Kalle Vahlman ha scritto:
> On 12/12/05, Lauri Watts <lauri at kde.org> wrote:
>>>Kalle Vahlman wrote:
>>Based on bug reports about help navigation, and this thread, the distinction
>>is clearly lost on most people, but nonetheless it exists.
> And making a continous row of very similar buttons is not really
> helping to make it more clear :)
> I'm not sure what would though, maybe leaving the page-hopping to
> keyboard and enhanced scrollbar (use the double buttoned edges).

while "go-back", "go-forward", "go-top", "go-top" are basically the same 
arrow icon pointing to left, right, up, bottom, the go-next and 
go-previous should be drawn in a different way, for example using a 
circle and placing the arrow inside.

David Vignoni

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